Short Visit to Jersey & NYC

One of my favorite cities to visit is New York City. There are always fun things to do, and once you get yourself to the city it’s pretty easy to get around. I spent a couple of days this weekend in New Jersey visiting old friends. We had a great time, and I decided to spend an afternoon/evening in NYC before heading out. I took a $16 train ride from Hamilton to Penn Station, and it was great. The train was clean, and on time and it didn’t get crowded until near the very end of the trip. 

Once in the city I could easily walk to my hotel, where I dropped my bags off before heading to see Burn This on Broadway. I used a Groupon to stay at the Row Hotel near Times Square, and had hotel rewards points that I was able to use to cancel out the cost, so the hotel was free. I also had rewards points to cancel out the cost of the ticket to Burn this, which means I only had to pay for food and any transportation once there. 

That evening I went to the Assscat 3000 show at Upright Citizens Brigade, which is always enjoyable. I love good improv! The Tony’s were happening the same night, and I started to head toward Radio City Music Hall to stalk famous people, but I’m 100 years old and found myself back at my hotel, in bed, watching the show instead.

The hotel was comfortable, and in a great location. The staff was accommodating, and the room was a decent size for being in the city! It had a bedroom as well as a living room with a pull out sofa. 

As for my all time favorite things to do in NYC, I’d say any sort of Broadway play (this year my favorite has been Waitress) or going to Saturday Night Live when it’s on. My friends and I have camped out multiple times for free tickets and found it worth it each time! Plus, when you camp out for tickets, you don’t have to pay for a hotel, so that’s a win in a city like New York.