Iceland Day 2

We didn’t head out for the day until about 10, because we were all moving real slow with the time change, and the exhaustion from the 2 days of getting to Iceland.

We decided to head to Black Sand Beach, which was 2.5 hours from our AirBnB. We had read about an abandoned U.S. Navy plane you could hike to on the same route, and we had determined we were going to make that hike. Rain or shine.

When we planned our trip we all picked something that we definitely wanted to do. Mine was the Black Sand Beach, and search high and low for the Northern Lights. Beverly wanted to see a herd of sheep crossing the street, and stand in the middle of them. Crystals was the abandoned airplane. We knew were going to hike and find that dang thing no matter what.

Along the way to the beach, we saw a waterfall from the road, and realized we could drive to it. It was incredible. You could walk behind it. Once we were done there we walked down the path a little ways, and found an even better waterfall spot. That spot ended up being one of the highlights. As we were leaving, a film crew was coming in to film something in that same spot.

After the waterfall, we happened upon a glacier. It was a lot more amazing than I would have expected. We walked it a little bit, and I’d recommend taking the time to do so if you get the chance!

After the glacier, we drove out the Black Sand Beach which was really beautiful. It was rainy, foggy, and windy though so it was a little anticlimactic, but I was glad to get to see it. We each picked rocks that fit our personalities (whatever that means) and left them behind for some soul to find.

THEN, cold and wet, we ventured to the abandoned plane.You park on the side of the road, and take a path that’s about 2.5 miles, and eventually you find it. Wear tennis shoes if you have old lady flat feet like me. The walk isn’t bad if you’re prepared!

We found the plane right as it got dark, but WE FOUND IT. Crystals dreams came true. Life was good. Then we walked back in the dark to our car. I’ve never been so happy to sit inside a warm car (until the next day, when we were even more frozen).

I think we all figured out early on that if we wanted to experience everything in our short time there, we would have just be ok with feeling miserably cold and damp most of the time. Because, adventure.

After the plane, we headed home, did some laundry and called it a day. Also, I should note that we bought groceries when we arrived and made our lunches. This worked out well because we were in a lot of areas that didn’t have tons of food options, and our sandwiches were delicious.