First Visit to Hilton Head South Carolina

The best part of working from home is that it doesn’t always have to be home. Last month I was able to go to Hilton Head with some friends of mine who go every year. They love it, and have talked about how amazing it is as long as I’ve known them. 

I drove out with them, and used frequent flier miles to fly back since I needed to be back in town before they did. I think Hilton Head has the smallest airport I’ve ever been to.

During the days I would work from the pool if that’s where they were hanging out, or a coffee shop if they were doing more active things. There was also the one day I ended up working from a bar while they did a ropes course. After work I’d join up with them and get to do the fun things. 

Hilton Head has so much to offer. Aside from time with my friends, my favorite part was riding bikes all over the place. We could ride to get ice cream, or dinner, or coffee and I never knew how much I needed that.

I briefly considered becoming one of those people who rides their bike around their own town. But one time someone threw trash at me from their car when I was on a run in my city, so I said “…maybe not”.