“God is good”, the preacher proclaims

“All the time”, comes the congregants refrain

They say their amens, and gather their things

Off to see what another week brings

Armed with the gospel, they carry the good news

“A revival is coming…can’t you sense the spirit move?”

“Hearts, they’re turning back to him!”

(Please ignore our secret sins) 

“We know what’s best, because God is on our side”

(Ignore the kids at the border, that’s not our fight)

“Now, focus on the unborn, our greatest cause”

(Once they breathe their first, we’ll leave them to God)

“We’re pro-life, how can you disagree?”

(Stop asking about the caged kids, we don’t want to see)

“There are people who dislike us but still love God?”

“This isn’t possible, they must all be frauds”

“A revival is coming. This is the way.”

“We care more about Jesus, just listen to us pray”

About that revival, what you don’t see

It won’t happen apart from a reckoning

Until the church acknowledges its sin

That the buildings on fire, and it started from within