If You Visit Zion, Check Out Kanarra Falls

For years I’ve wanted to visit Zion National Park, and in October my friend Crystal and I finally decided to meet up with our other friend Emily and go check it out. We made our plans, and a couple of weeks before the trip Crystal sent me a photo of what looked like an amazing place to hike near Zion called Kanarra Falls. We researched a bit and decided to make that part of our trip. 

I’m so glad we did. We went to Zion the first day, and it was incredible, but Kanarra Falls ended up being the highlight for me. I’m glad we’d read a lot of info before we went because when we started the hike there were very few people around and there really weren’t directions. We basically asked the few people we passed along the way “so, about how far are we from the ladder”. They’d give us an estimate, and off we’d go. 

The hike was really pretty, but the best parts were toward the end. It’s worth it to keep going for sure. If you’re going to do the hike you’ll want shoes that can get wet. I wore old tennis shoes and they worked fine. There’s a part where you can keep going by wading through waste deep water, but I opted out at that point as it was toward the end of the day AND IT WAS OCTOBER. 

Apparently I failed to take many photos on the hike! In looking back through my options, I realized I mainly just did some quick video and spent the rest of the time trying not to fall. If you get the chance to take the hike, do it!