Sedona, Page, and Hidden Springs

When Liz and I got to the airport for our VERY early flight to Arizona, we were met with an overbooked flight and a terminal full of cranky people. The gate agent asked for volunteers to give up their seats, and Liz and I discussed for a few minutes if we wanted to offer. By the time she went up to offer our seats they’d gotten clearance to increase the amount they were offering, which was amazing. The first voucher offered was $350. When we went to give our seats it had gone to $850. We definitely thought it was worth it, so the airport put us in a somewhat sketchy cab (but free is free, no?) to the Norfolk airport and a few hours later we were on our way. 

[note: I’ve since used that voucher to get a roundtrip California ticket as well as one way to Nashville. I’d have liked to use it for even more flights but one of my trips was over July 4th so I didn’t think I’d find a cheaper option] 

When we finally got to Arizona, Grace was there to pick us up and the fun could start. We grabbed dinner then drove the few hours to our AirBnB in Sedona. None of us had been out there before, so we were excited to see it. We arrived real late, which is not my preference when finding an AirBnB for the first time, but we did it. We spent the next day walking around Sedona, and took a trolley ride as well. I really liked the area and would love to go back to do hiking. 

Then we drove to Grace’s new home. She and her family moved out to Arizona last year, to live on the Navajo Reservation. The church we grew up started doing work there over 20 years ago, and Grace and her husband have always felt called to move there. I’d never been out there though so I was excited to see the place I’d heard so much about. I enjoyed seeing it, even though I’m out of shape and was like “lol no I don’t want to hike far far away’. But, the parts I did “hike” to were beautiful and next time I’ll try to be …. less out of shape. 

We spent the next couple of days driving all over the place. We spent a lot of time in the car…which meant we sang “Shallow” about 75 times. We went to Page for a little bit, as well as Lee’s Ferry (which ended up being my favorite).  Our last day there was just driving the 3 hours back to Phoenix, and getting lunch before we headed back. Saying goodbye is never fun, but the trip was great and I loved seeing my friends new home.